Zonar 2020 ELD

Zonar launched their electronic logs product in late 2014, running on their Android-based proprietary “2020 Tablet”. Zonar got market traction by signing one of the United States’ largest commercial fleets, Knight Transportation, as a major customer.


There is no upfront cost for the Zonar 2020 Hardware with a multi-year service agreement, but at $70 per month it is an expensive option.  

Device / Installation / Connectivity

Installing the Zonar 2020 ELD can be a lengthy and difficult process. This fully wired system works better when connected to the ECM backbone, rather than the JBUS diagnostic port. For fleets with a constantly changing lineup of Owner Operator or rental trucks, this may be too much of a difficulty to overcome.  

ELog Mobile App For Drivers

Zonar 2020 comes with a dedicated display tablet that runs Android and includes Zonar’s proprietary software.  The tablet hardware is sturdily built, and the touchscreen is fairly accurate and responsive. The interface is modern and sharp, but it is not user friendly so non-tech savvy drivers may find it somewhat difficult to use at first.

Website For Fleet Managers

The back office web software is poorly designed.  The process of making log corrections in the back-office is cumbersome for office staff, and the driver’s process for approving edits made to the log is confusing and tedious. Zonar’s development team claims to be addressing these issues and others. If and when Zonar releases a newer version we will review this version.

Additional Features / Comparison to Marke

The most unique feature of Zonar,  Electronic Verified Inspection Report (EVIR), has nothing to do with electronic logs. EVIR is basically an electronic DVIR, with an innovation. Small scannable RFID tags are stuck on the truck and trailer at various inspection locations. In order to complete their vehicle inspection, a driver must take his Zonar device and scan each one of these RFID tags. This makes filling out each part of the inspection easy for the driver, while also ensuring that the driver is actually physically looking at each section of the vehicle requiring inspection. Fleets managers aiming to enforce better Pre and Post-Trip inspections and improve their proactive maintenance might value from this feature. The EVIR system is available as an add-on to Zonar’s 2020 ELD system.

Zonar is new to the HOS / ELD market, so it’s not surprising that customer support is an area where Zonar can still improve.   Multiple reports from users related that Zonar support reps did not seem to educated about the ELD mandate itself or the Hours of Service rules. If this improves, we will update the review score.


Zonar is a new competitor in the ELD and HOS space that offers products with features not currently offered by others.  If Zonar  continues to refine products they could become a top solution. Their EVIR vehicle inspection system is worthy of evaluation and consideration for fleets trying to improve maintenance. Having large customers like Knight on board will help to drive progress. However, $70 a month is roughly 300% of the average monthly cost of competitors, pricing this option out of reach for small fleets.
Zonar 2020 ELD is still a new product and the company itself is still new to the HOS space but this is already a good ELD product, with the potential to become an even better one.