The latest entry into the increasingly crowded Electronic Logging Device market is 1ELD. 1ELD is the first product that the multi-national telematics provider, Cartrack, has launched in the United States. 1ELD is a device that connects to your truck via its diagnostic port and sends information from the engine via Bluetooth to the 1ELD mobile App, Cartrack’s free Electronic Logbook App. The combination of the 1ELD hardware and the 1ELD  App may be one of the least expensive, easiest, and simplest solutions to the upcoming ELD Mandate currently available.


The 1ELD App and corresponding software for Fleet Management are both free to use. The 1ELD tracking device has a monthly service cost of $20, making it the most affordable 3G-enabled ELD on the market. The three products together make for one of the most robust fleet management and fleet tracking options on the market. Standard features include violation warnings and notifications, engine diagnostics, real-time drivers tracking and scorecards, extensive reporting, and in-app document storage, inspection mode, and IFTA reports.

Device / Installation / Connectivity 

1ELD is a small black box that customers can self-install in minutes.  The plug n’ play device comes with either a 6-pin or 9-pin adapter allowing it to be easily installed in any truck that has a JBUS diagnostic port.  The 1ELD device easily pairs and syncs with the 1ELD App.  1ELD is one of the few plug n’ play devices that is 3G enabled allowing for it to transfer data via wireless internet connection as well as a bluetooth connection.  This is a valuable feature for a BYOD(bring your own device) solution as drivers can forget their phone or tablet and the device will still be able to record and transmit data.  

1ELD Mobile App For Drivers 

The 1ELD Mobile App is a FMCSA-certified and DOT-compliant electronic log solution. It can be used to replace paper logs, with or without the 1ELD hardware. The easy-to-use App is already being rated very highly by drivers. The layout is simple and the app functionality is intuitive; it even counts down the remaining time in your cycle! Drivers can easily record and edit logs, see remaining drive time available, create DVIR reports, send and receive messages from dispatch and other drivers, upload and save documents, and electronically send logs to inspectors. 1ELD should be an attractive first option for small fleets and owner-operators who want to test out Elogs before deciding on an ELD solution.

Website For Fleet Managers

The Fleet Management platform is also free to use and syncs with drivers’ apps and hardware for real-time updates. The platform allows Fleet Managers to track all the trucks in their fleet, view driver logs and inspection reports, compare routes, monitor engine diagnostics and driver behavior, and create custom reports for anything they could need. The platform is not as feature-rich as the dashboards of some of the higher priced competitors, but it is really easy to navigate and simple to use.  

Additional Features / General Comparison to Market 

The fleet management capabilities including Engine Diagnostics, Fuel Monitoring, Idling Reports, GeoFencing, Tampering Alerts, Driver Scorecards, and more that come packaged with 1ELD help set it apart from other low-cost competitors. 1ELD also comes with full parts and services warranty for each unit, free upgrades over the course of the service contract, and best in class 24/7 customer support. Given the poor customer support at many of 1ELD’s competitors, the warranty, service, and support are major selling points for this product.



The 1ELD app is one of the best electronic logbooks that we have reviewed and 1ELD one of the lowest priced, easy to install, simple to use logging devices currently available. 1ELD might not be a good fit for larger fleets looking for more advanced telematics features but for drivers and fleets whose primary concerns are compliance, ease of use, and support – 1ELD should be on the shortlist.